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Welcome to Jerome Lutzenberger's web site!

This site is about my endeavors to model the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, more commonly known as the Frisco. The Frisco offered service between Kansas City, Missouri and Birmingham, Alabama, St. Louis, Missouri and Floydada, Texas with lines to Dallas/Ft. Worth. The company offered fast freight and passenger service with modern equipment running on well maintained right of ways.


I model the railroad in late steam early diesel transition. Although  I have tried to model the important  characteristics of the Frisco, no specific location has been modeled and not all scenes are accurate representation of the real Frisco railroad. 


The layout occupies a 20 by 13 foot room that I built in my garage. The layout design is around the walls with a peninsula down the center of the room which provides 114 feet of main line running. The bench work is open grid cantilevered from the walls except for the peninsula. I used spline roadbed construction except for the yards, cutting the splines out of  1"x24"x10' clear pine on my table saw. I am not convinced this is the way to go and on future layouts (there is always a future layout) may go back to cutting the roadbed out of plywood, cookie cuter style. After sanding the splines I laid N scale cork on top and Atlas code 83 rail on the cork. The scenery is a combination of cardboard webbing and extruded foam covered with Woodland Scenic Plaster Cloth. Then I use Sculptamold to finish out the texturing. I like using Sculptamold finding it very easy to work with and it gives a good texture. Turnouts are all No. 6's with the exception of two curved turnouts which are No. 8's. Most of the turnouts are powered with Switchmaster switch machines. Turnout indication on the main line is provided by block signals mounted on the roadbed. The layout is powered with Digitrax DCC.  There are many steam engines and  diesels equipped with sound decoders (SoundTraxx/MRC/BLI).


The layout is about 90% complete. There are a lot of little details to put in place and a staging yard to build. One nice thing about this hobby is one can always find things to work on. 


This web site also contains photos that I took of the Frisco and some other railroads in the mid to late 60's. Unfortunately they are slides and quality is lacking. 


I hope you enjoy this web site. If you have any comments please fill free to email me at: slsfrr@friscorailroad.com 





This page was last updated on 01/11/09.